Aab e Gum by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi PDF Download

Aab e Gum by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi PDF eBook free download. “Aab e Gum” is an informative historical and extremely interesting book that is related to human behaviors, mood, temper, and fiction with sadness. This book is beautifully written in the Urdu language.

Description About Aab e Gum by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi

“Aab e Gum” is a wonderful book that describes the adventures and memories of Basharat in Pakistan. The events he faced in Pakistan are impressively explained. When they came from India throughout their journey in Pakistan he and his family deal with their new home.  The author of this brilliant and interesting book is Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi. “He was a well known Pakistani satire and humor writer who wrote in Urdu..”

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Aab e Gum by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi PDF Download

Moreover, while reading this book the author has engaged the reader towards it that it will fix you on the edge of the seat throughout the day. A lot of exciting events are clearly explained and all the miracles and attempts which were taken place are added for the interest of the reader. The book shares the experiences of the author. The book enlightens the human disasters in an entertaining way.  It is simply understandable and straightforward and the photos are gorgeous.

More Details About Aab e Gum by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi

  • Name: Aab e Gum
  • Author: Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Comic Books, Humor Books, Urdu Classic, Urdu Humor Books
  • Format: PDF
  • Price: Free

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