Download Free Ajami Israel by Shorish Kashmiri PDF eBook. “Ajami Israel” is a wonderful and insightful book that tells us about the Qadianis. The book is an anti-Qadisnism book that tells us about the purpose of Qadianis in Pakistan. The word Qadiani is used to refer to Ahmadi Muslims. You can also download Bitcoin Blockchain Aur Cryptocurrency by Dr. Zeeshan ul Hassan Usmanifree.

Summary Of Ajami Israel by Shorish Kashmiri PDF

This book is an informative book about the motives of Qadianis in Pakistan. They always find ways to shelter in the religion but this is all their politics. Because in the constitution of Pakistan they are non-Muslims.  They are considered minorities in the country. Their purpose to the outside world is that Muslims do not want Qaidanis to live in Pakistan because they are in minority due to which all the world considers Muslims Merciless. The author of this Islamic book is Shorish Kashmiri. “Shorish Kashmiri was a well-known scholar, writer, debater, and a leader who was editor in the magazine.” The book tells us that Muslims have so much for Allah and his Prophet that they were always ready to sacrifice their lives. They consider Prophet Muhammad as a role model for humankind because they teach us justice, peace.  But Qadiyanis are those people who don’t have faith in Muhammad.

Ajami Israel by Shorish Kashmiri PDF Download

Muslims are so much close to Allah and were the favorite people of Allah.  Once you read this book your heart will it for, again and again, it’s so much interesting book which will fix you on the edge of the seat. These types of books are influential books for Muslim Ummah. This wonderful book is simply understandable and straightforward and the photos are gorgeous.

Important Details About Ajami Israel by Shorish Kashmiri

  • Name: Ajami Israel
  • Author: Shorish Kashmiri
  • Language: Urdu
  • Genre: Anti Qadiani books, Islamic Urdu books, Fitna e Qdyani
  • Format: PDF
  • Price: Free To Download

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