Yazeed Kon Tha by Mufti Muhammad Ameen PDF eBook free download. “Yazeed Kon Tha” is a fabulous and impressive Islamic book in which the author has provided a variety of opinions on popular Muslim personalities and scholars. A lot of knowledge about Shia Sunni is discussed in this informative book. You will go through amazing journeys and destinations in this book.

Description About Yazeed Kon Tha by Mufti Muhammad Ameen eBook

“Yazeed Kon Tha” is an insightful and inspirational Islamic book. A debate on Shia Sunni is told in this straightforward book. It is loaded with a variety of sayings and reviews of popular Muslim scholars and intellectuals. These intellectuals have put light on Yazid’s biography and his character. The author of this brilliant and interesting book is Mufti Muhammad Ameen. “He was a famous scholar and author of Pakistan. He has written a lot of Islamic books.”

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Yazeed Kon Tha by Mufti Muhammad Ameen PDF Download

In this book, we will find out a great explanation on Yazid who is considered an illegal ruler and a dictator by several Muslims due to his succession. The story of the death of Husayn and the attack on the city of Medina by his forces is explained in this informative book. It is simply understandable and straightforward and the photos are gorgeous.

More Details About Yazeed Kon Tha by Mufti Muhammad Ameen

  • Title Of The Novel: Yazeed Kon Tha
  • Author: Mufti Muhammad Ameen
  • Formats: PDF,
  • Genre: Sunni Islamic, Islamic, Anti Shia
  • Price: Free To Download

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