Basti Novel by Intizar Hussain is a very well and excellently written Pakistani novel which tells you the disastrous history of Pakistan. “Intizar Husain was a journalist, short-story writer, and novelist, considered one of the most remarkable fiction writers in Urdu.” Basti means agreement, an ordinary place.

Basti Novel by Intizar Hussain Summary

“Basti Novel”  is a brilliant and exceptional novel of Intizar Hussain which starts with mythical, feelings, or actions between old and young, man and woman, Muslim and Hindu. It is one of the greatest fiction books by a significant writer who is considered as influencing personality in South Asia. The author tells us a moving storm of historical periods of time, religious traditions, and old-time mythologies that took place in this book.

Basti Novel by Intizar Hussain

The readers will go through the life of the protagonist, Zakir, a champion who tries to wakeup the new emerging, and advanced world. In this story, the reader is told that when pre-partitioned happened in India and they migrated with the personalities to Pakistan. A real story of migrants and all types of migrants are relating to it. Zakir and his family also migrated to Pakistan from India but a portion of them is left behind in India and has to stay there forever. The author further explores their life, actions, thinking which revolve around that town where they were actually from and they can’t run off there. It is an exceptional book that takes you deep into the history of this Pakistan, but you don’t have to get bored because it is not a political novel. It is loaded with events-such as a doomed love-that enlightens young. Husain integrates a lot of Indian literary and religious adages that have enhanced from the place of mixing of Indian history; all of these were lost in a new Pakistan. Gandhi thought that it is absolutely right that a modern India would be served by a secular society that held all its various religions is good. One of the greatest gifts from the literature that teaches you your real culture. It is something that will keep you engaged throughout the day. You may also like to download The Carrera Cartel by Cora Kenborn.

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Basti Novel by Intizar Hussain

  • Novel Title: Basti
  • Author: Intizar Hussain
  • Genre: Urdu Literature, traveling
  • Publish Date:
  • Size: 6 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Price: Free

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