Khalai Takhti Ka Raaz Novel by A.Hameed PDF Download

Khalai Takhti Ka Raaz Novel by A.Hameed is an outstanding historical story related to the Amber, Naaq, and Maria series which is explained in Urdu by Pakistani novelist A.Hameed. The author has describes an amazing fiction and adventurous story. It is a fabulous mystery and exciting novel full of fiction, suspense which is so much interesting and engages the reader through the end.

Khalai Takhti Ka Raaz Novel by A.Hameed Summary

“Khalai Takhti Ka Raaz novel” is a wonderful novel that tells us about a hero of a story who lived for five thousand years. The hero was told by the cemetery that you will live forever and will never die. While battling with the storm he reaches a dead island where he met a cobra. It is a story that is completely distinct from others. The story of this Urdu Novel is very attractive and beautiful.  The author of this exceptional read is a popular Pakistani romance and love novelist A.Hameed. “A. Hameed was a famous Pakistani writer. A variety of fiction and social novels are being written by her. A.Hameed is one of the fabulous Urdu novelists who write many elegant and attractive novels. The novels written by this writer are so much attractive”.

Khalai Takhti Ka Raaz Novel by A.Hameed PDF Download

This stunning and impressive novel which rotates around a young guy who reaches an island in search of living forever where he met a cobra.  Fiction, adventure, flashbacks, etc are all elements of a fine and superior fantasy novel. The story takes us to a thrilling adventure that will engage the reader throughout the shocking end. The roles of these characters had made the story completely loaded with suspense, and thrill. In this romantic, glamourous, and exciting novel the author says that this novel will fix you on the edge of the seat. Readers of all ages can try this novel because it is so much interesting and feel the reader relaxed. A must-try for everyone and a good holiday read. It is something that will keep you engaged throughout the day. You may also like to download Karbala ke Baad By Qari Muhammad Abdul Tawab Qadri.

Khalai Takhti Ka Raaz Novel by A.Hameed

  • Novel Title: Khalai Takhti Ka Raaz
  • Author: Hameed
  • Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Thrill, Fantasy, Drama, Spiritual Stories
  • Format: PDF
  • Price: Free

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